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Home • Cats • Kittens • Dogs • Puppies • Contacts • Gallery About the cattery Dear friends, Welcome to ODIN HOPE COON Maine Coon Cat Cattery! Every word of the cattary name has its proper special meaning. ODIN is our handsome male German shepherd longhair dog. It also means Odintsovo, the city we used to live in. HOPE – Nadezhda – that’s me, Nadezhda Linkova, the cattery’s owner.

COON – the word speaks for itself! Our cattery was founded in September 2007 and was registered in FIFe international organization. Though the cattery has been working for a little period of time, the first step were taken and consequently valuable experience was acquired that is of crucial importance to every breeder. Indeed there were certain mistakes! But these mistakes resulted in even greater desire to learn, to understand the unique nature of those amiable giants of the cats world on a new deeper level, to master our professional skills. At the present moment we live in the Moscow region not far from the ancient city of Zvenigorod. Magnificent nature, fresh air, forests and fields surround us.

There is the Moscow River nearby. All this beauty facilitates comfortable living and keeping the cattery. We endeavor to create comfortable conditions for our pets promoting their healthy development and meeting the sanitary norms. We love and take care of all our pets. We have been cooperating with the veterinaries of “ASVET” clinic of Odintsovo for more than 10 years. We take all our pets for regular medical examination in the clinic, and they undergo emergency medical treatment if necessary. Consultations of veterinaries help significantly in our work in the cattery. We are also responsible for finding a new family for our little graduates.

They come into this world in our house and from the very first minutes of their lives our pets are taken care of not only by their mother cat. Additional feeding as planned, hygienic treatment of their little noses, eyes, etc. – we do it every day! That’s why we want for our pets to find all the love they need as well as well good and decent care in a new family. Indeed only the appropriate and responsible approach to nurture results in upbringing a beautiful and healthy creature with such an unusually charming name – Maine Coon! Maine Coon will not come here just for a moment, it’ll go deep into your soul! Let this friendship last forever! Sincerely yours, Nadezhda Linkova

Our news Attention: Litter С • 01.04.10 (21:31) On March 22, 2010 kittens were born in our cattery. Male cats colors: black silvery marble and white. Female cats colors: turtle, marble and white, silvery marble and white.

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